ColecoVision Svideo or Composite Upgrade Mod Kit Install Guide

***Under Construction****

Step-by-step guide for ColecoVision Upgrade Kit.


 These consoles do have large capacitors inside and they need to be discharged before doing repaires or upgrades. Otherwise, you may receive a slight shock. To avoid such a situation, please leave your ColecoVision game system’s On/Off switch at the ON position for at least 5 minutes with the power plug off the electricity source. Please do not skip this stage.

If you are not skilled with a soldering iron, please have this installed by someone experienced! I
cannot be held responsible for any harm you do to yourself or to your game console. 

This is for the Composite version of the installation.  The Svideo installation is further down the page below this guide.


Read this Awesome "Soldering is Easy – Comic" for Basic 101s of soldering click here. 

 Tools Needed
•  Soldering iron, solder
•  Wire Strippers (or scissors with patience and practice)
•  Drill with 3mm 1/4” drill bit (for RCA jacks)
•  Philips-head screwdriver

Step 1:
Unscrew the eight screws shown below
(I forgot to highlight the 2 side screws). Then open the ColecoVision, separate the halves gently and carefully.  It's not easy!

This Step can be tricky and patience is required!  The bottom shell needs to be moved back and slightly up.  Wiggle it but don't force anything. The power and reset buttons can be stubborn and prevent the shell from releasing.

Step 2:
Remove the two screws off the shielding over the motherboard and remove it. You may also need to desolder the RF shield from the motherboard.  Some revisions have the RF shielding solder to the motherboard & secured with screws.

Step 3:
Remove the metal cover from the RF box shown below.

Step 4:
Now, solder wires as shown below.  These wires are for the (input) side of the amp kit.

Step 5:

I am lacking clear pictures for RCA jack hole drilling. This is a general guide for all RCA jacks installations.

  • Placement of Jacks is personal choice.  I prefer shortest wires possible and install the jacks near the amp kit and RF box as shown.   Others prefer the Jacks near the Controller bay. It's your choice.  If picking the location show, the RF shielding will need bending and modification as shown below.
  • Spacing for most RCA jacks is 15mm center to center of jack.
  • Measure and mark drilling area with a sharpie market.
  • First drill a small 3mm pilot hole.
  • Next drill the final 1/4" hole.

Example of RCA jacks installed.

The illustration below is a quick overview of the pin-outs and soldering points.  View the image at max size and double check you installation.

Final Steps.

It’s wise to check the functionality before completely assembling the stubborn top shell. Just be careful and make sure nothing is shorted before plugging it in.  Also, cleaning the cartridge port with alcohol and a toothbrush would be a great idea.


This is for the Svideo version of the installation. 

Tools Needed
•  Soldering iron, solder

•  Wire Strippers (or scissors with patience and practice)
•  Drill with 3mm 1/4” drill bit (for RCA jacks)

•  1/2” drill bit (for svideo jack)
•  Philips-head screwdriver
•  Epoxy or Hot glue (for securing svideo port only)
Basically everything is the same except for a few important steps.
  • Cut the trace as shown in the illustrations.  A sharp new box cutter style blade will simplify the task.
  •  Luma is attached outside of the RF box.  A 75ohm resistor is attached the the right leg of component (L9) View the photo below
  • The Svideo jack has 4 ground pins.  I find it easiest to bend the pins together  as shown and solder 1 wire to the ground pins.
  • A 1/2" hole is required
    for the Svideo jack. Drill a small pilot hole first and drill the final 1/2' hole carefully.  The Svideo jack will require epoxy or hot-glue to secure in place.  I find it easier to solder port first then glue the jack in place.


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