My Console PCB Prototypes are Here!

This project took longer than I ever imagined but finally the prototypes are in my hands. Learning the software and printing guidelines is challenging. I have been designing PCBs (printed circuit boards) for the various console video, audio & Circuit Bending music projects. These will be replacing the DIY kits that are sold in my store and will be the current boards used in my upgrade services.

Some of the designs here have existed for many years. I've been hand assembling most kits or customers were mailing in Kits to be installed. I was seldom satisfied with the kits on the market. I would notice flaws in the design or want extra features. Producing my own Kits will make future installs cleaner and more affordable for everyone.

see..  Atari spelled incorrectly. That's why i Prototype first!
Note: These are Prototypes and final colors and layouts will change.  I will be testing these over the next few weeks before ordering large batches.  The DIY "install your own" kits will be available in store sometime in July. The big job will be writing new installation instruction for every console.

 Current Prototypes:
  • Atari 2600/7800 Composite video amp.
  • Atari 2600/7800 Composite video amp with Stereo!
  • ColecoVision Composite video amp
  • Famicom  Composite video amp
  • Nes-101 Composite video amp
  • Nes-101 Composite video amp / with Stereo
  • TurboGrafx/PCE RGB amp Boards.

I have several more designs under works.
  • SNES RGB Amp
  • N64 RGB amp
  • Atari Svideo
  • ummm I cant remember..
  • More RGB Amps for various consoles. 
Atari Svideo + Composite

Atari Pause Feature Kit


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