Sega Genesis Svideo Upgrade Kit Installation Instructions

Under construction!

This article is a work in progress. Instructions are very basic. This will explain basic amp hookup but not detailed Svideo and RCA jack installation. The missing information can be found easily with web search.

Please note v1.2 of the Sega Genesis board has been released.  The old version required the PCB to screw into place. This proved difficult on some Genesis models with RF shielding.  The new PCB can be secured anywhere with doubled sided tape.
Before Starting: 
Read this Awesome "Soldering is Easy – Comic" for Basic 101s of soldering click here.

The Amp has a very simple installation method. The right side of that amp solders to a chip found on the Genesis motherboard.  The left side connects to the Svideo or RCA ports. Very simple!  The PCB board can secure anywhere you prefer.   Tip: Choose a location that requires the shortest wires.

This installation guide is based on the Sega Genesis Model 1 with the "High Definition Graphics" logo. This model has large through Hole type IC chip and is considered easier to upgrade and solder.  Later versions had a smaller surface mount chip and requires more soldering skill.

Remove all visible screw from the bottom side. When lifting top shell carefully unplug led wire.

Next remove all visible screws that holds the motherboard down. Your consoles may or may not have RF shielding. Remove it all and take note of screw sizes and locations.

 Next we need to locate the wonderful Sony Chip.  This chip is the source of the Svideo signals.

With Model 1 versions the chip is located under the silver heatsink.

Sometimes these screws can be very difficult to remove. With early Model 1s the chip is also accessible from the underside of motherboard. Pay careful attention to the chip pinout. Double check your soldering and chip pins.

Solder Points. Notice the indentation on the chip. That is the starting point where pin 1 is located.
GND (ground) is pin 1 on the chip.
Power (5v) connects to pin 12.
P15 connects to Pin 15
P16 connects to Pin 16

Tip: Measure your wire before soldering in place. Wires should be correct size and short as possible.

Example of soldering the chip legs.

Older version of svideo amp

Examples of svideo port pinout.
PCB Amp:  (L) = Luma  /  (C) = Chroma
GND = Solder to ground pins as illustrated below.  Tip: You can use one wire strand to connect all ground pins. Carefully wrap around the 4 bottom pins and solder.

Jack location can vary from different console revisions. Choose a place that requires short wire lengths. Personally I prefer removing the RF box and using that hole for the Svideo port.  Though I realize that desoldering RF boxes is not possible for most hobbyist.

The Svideo jack requires a 1/2 inch drill bit.  Make sure to pre-drill the hole with a smaller bit first.

The rear of the RCA jacks (if purchased)  will require 1/4" drill bits.

Svideo Port Tip:  After drilling hole, make sure to solder wires in correct order. i.e. make sure the wires are threaded through the drilled hole.

Secure the svideo jack with a small amount of epoxy, crazyglue or hot glue on the rear section of port..  "Less is more" don't go overboard with the glue.

Example of clean install of the svideo port. This is from a Japanese Mega Drive console.  It has a different port layout that most USA Genesis systems.

Basic Instructions for RCA Jacks: 

 Below is a common location for RCA jacks.  Each jack should measure 15mm apart.

These photos show the location for audio and composite solder points. Ground can be obtained from the silver border surrounding the motherboard.


  1. Hello, i bought the gold kit from you, for the rca jacks. What should i use for the ground for each jack? Can i daisy chain all three grounds together? And can i use the netal plate as the ground?

    1. Yes, Ground is ground. Daisy chain the ground connection for the RCA jack tabs.
      Ground locations can be found along the motherboard edges. The exposed silver areas are ground.

  2. Youre amazing, and fast. Thank you sir. I sent an ema from your contact page also just in case. After asking here. Thank you so much.


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