SNES Jr RGB Mod Amp Kit Installation Instructions

Please take proper safety precautions when dealing with electronics and soldering. Have proper ventilation and a clean work area. Research basic soldering technique if in doubt.  I cannot be held responsible for any damages that could occur to you or your equipment while following  the procedures present on this Website.  

Why Upgrade?
The SNES Mini does not have Svideo or RGB from the factory. This upgrade is well worth the investment. Once upgraded the SNES Jr puts out the best quality video signal, compared to the older SNES models.  Svideo is also a great improvement over composite video.

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This page is under changes and updates.
Please visit the RetroRGB site for RGB installation instructions. The kit pictured will look slightly different but installation is the same (it's an older version without svideo)

If you purchased the Svideo enabled amp continue reading below for installation:


Locate the SNES  "S-RGB" chip located on top near the Heatshield.  Removing the Heatshield is necessary and it is held down with 3 screws.

Locate IC Pins 12 & 17 on the chip. Use the photo as a guide. 

Soldering wire to these small IC legs requires some skill.  Add a small amount of solder to the legs and wire before trying to solder into place.  Once soldered follow the wiring locations path below.  The wires will go around and under the motherboard.

Push svideo wires through this hole. Cut to correct length and then solder the amp.

Pin 12 connect to amp pad "c" / Pin 17 connects to amp pad "Y"

Don't add large amounts of solder to the pads. Honestly I have a bit too much shown in the photo below.  I was testing prototypes are not aiming for perfection. 


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