Al Lowe selling his Sierra source code collection on eBay

Al Lowe, one of Sierra On-Line's seminal game creators and programmers, has been sitting on a pile of his original games' source code files for over 30 years.

"I’m 72 years old, and none of my kids want this junk!" Lowe said in an interview with YouTube personality MetalJesusRocks (ex-Sierra developer). "Does anybody?"
Lowe is about to find out, as the developer has begun posting eBay listings for his entire source-code collection. (You read that correctly. The whole shebang.) The sale's opening has been accompanied by a MetalJesusRocks video, which offers a 12-minute tour of backed-up files, original game boxes, original hint books, and more.

Lowe has listed auctions for the first two Leisure Suit Larry game sources, with bids already climbing (both well over $ 400 value after they went live). Lowe indicated that Lindsey would like more game code to follow on eBay, and this is likely to include an amazing treasure chest: Lowe's second Leisure Suit Larry game, King's Quest III Police Quest I and Lowes Games based on Disney franchises Winnie The Pooh and Black Cauldron.

In addition, Lowe also has original backups of its full programming pipeline, including Sierra tools that convert plaintext, ASCII commands into interpreted code. When you click on how curious users can read these disc files, Lowe will answer: "It's a text file! Add it to Notepad."

Lowe's lists clarify some things: first, he has not tested any of these records and, secondly, these discs are not the same as having the legal rights to freely or commercially distribute the content. "Understand that while you get my data starting with Larry 1 ] creation, you do not own intellectual property rights to the game, code, art, or anything else," Lowe says in the list LSL1 ]. "Neither I. IP rights were sold over and over until they are owned by a German gaming company."

Now is your chance to own a piece of history!


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