NES Advantage Controller Repairs

Thrift Store Treasure.

Released in the summer 1987 this controller mimicked the popular arcade systems of the era. It features a full size joystick, speed controlled turbo buttons and slow motion options.  An amazing piece of gaming nostalgia. 

Everything checked-out on this controller except for the joysticks down position. This page documents the repair process and I hope that others find it useful. Click here for a full rebuild of this controller

Flip over the controller. Remove all six screws and slowly release the bottom plate.
Four screw are hidden under the rubber feet. If you have difficulty peeling them heat from a hairdryer can help loosen the adhesive.

Now we can remove the four screws around the brown circuit board.

I suspected dirty contacts under the gray silicone pads. Common issue with all retro controllers.

Carefully remove the pads and clean each contact with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip.
These old controllers often have food or soda residue inside.
Clean all four contacts
This simple cleaning process fixed the controller. 
Reassemble following the steps above. The rubber feet can be reapplied with double sided tape or rubber cement glue.


  1. I have a squeaky joystick what part would you clean the ball/socket part what would you use to lubricate it?

  2. Look for silicone grease and add a small amount to the area. Silicone is preferred since petroleum based products can damage plastic over time.

  3. The joystick for my NES Advantage Controller broke. Replacement possibilities?


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