Saturn Robot with Missiles 1979

Amazing walking robot from hong kong. It has a projection screen on its chest, light-up eyes & 4 spring-loaded shooting missiles (later recalled)

The TV screen is the coolest feature. The projected images moves/rotates. It appears to show a mars landscape and a flying ship from star trek. Funny

Unfortunately the batteries were stored inside the robot for 20+ years.
The internal mechanism was completed seized up. I photographed the repair process. This isn't a detailed step by step tutorial but should be helpful to others.

3 screw hold the back plate on.
Body panels should separate easily. Arms slide right off.

Those first 3 screws are the only ones we need to remove. All other parts slide out of place. Special care is needed with the attached wires. 
Motor - This is what I'm after
This was the main area of rust and corrosion  I applied wd-40 with a brush (not sprayed)  to all the corroded parts. After a 3 hour soak I manually turned the gears a freed the mechanism.

Worst area.


  1. Brilliant. I have been looking online for this solution for a wile now .as I didn't want
    To open the robot in fear of damaging it .my problem is the screen image only moves some times hopefully an easy fix .i loved this as a child and still do to this day .many thanks for sharing ��

    1. I love this robot too. I had one as a kid and liked it better than Transformers. You should be able to fix the spinning part. You may need to gently bend parts back to spec. Add light oil to the gears.

  2. The information about the saturn robot given in this blog was really amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. My new robot turns on and the eyes light up but thats all.
    any suggestions? Thanks,


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