Upgrading Vintage Flashlights to LED

Most modern designs are too small and often feel disposable.
I prefer the old  flashlights when chrome was stylish.
The downside is the hard to find C or D cell batteries and the dim incandescent bulbs.

I put together a very simple fix that anyone can do without tools.

Budget friendly LED's are readily available online.
My favorite is the "Dorcy 30 Lumen 3V LED Replacement Bulb"  This conversion bulb operates with any 2 cell flashlights and fits all the standard bulb sockets. Usually $5 shipped!

Dorcy 3V LED Bulb
Easy Installation. Bulb Drops In

Led Installed

This next step is optional but I find it extremely useful since I own many rechargeable AAs. Shown below is a plastic adapter that converts AA cells to D size.  Lowest cost on eBay $1.25 shipped.

AA Adapters to D Cell

Screw everything back together and test the flashlight. Little can go wrong with this upgrade but if the LED fails to illuminate. Re-seat the bulb and battery adapters.

My future tutorial will  cover building your own LED bulb and making the flashlight USB Chargeable!


  1. I think it is a nice flash light. It is small but it has a great energy and charge.


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