Capcom Reissues Gold DuckTales NES Cartridge

Reissue DukeTales
New NES games are few and far between in 2013. Especially free ones. As you may know, the original NES game DuckTales is being “remastered” for the modern consoles.  Don't let the name fool you, the NES version is held in high regard.

A lucky handful received gold promos in late July. These are actual working carts of the 8bit game. Capcom commissioned the retro art collective "iam8bit" to produce these beauties. Sadly the game will not be available at retail locations.

Limited Edition of 150


According to Capcom the games were programed onto new custom built boards and chips. The cartridge shells were carefully refurbished from vintage originals and hand painted with gold chrome. The entire process is specialized and unique.  Capcom claimed finding "new old stock" parts was a difficult endeavor.  Each game came with a metal ducktales lunchbox, certificate of authenticity, Ducktales themed coupons, advertisements promoting classic Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, MegaMan & Bionic Commando.

Source: EGM
The value of this game has not been determined but NES collectors everywhere will seek it out.  The last officially produced NES game was Wario's Woods in 1994. The Speculation is in the $300 range and some claim it will hit the Holy Grail list next to Little Samson, World Championships Gold and other rarities.

Source: EGM

Capcom did something similar with the Mega Man 9 release. Members of the Press received a non-functional cartridge shell which doubled as the cd game case.


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