View-Master Movie Cancelled

“It just didn’t come together,”  -Bob Orci

If you heard rumors of a future View-Master movie you were right. Some fans cheered while others laughed.

It all started back in 2009 when Fringe co-producer/writer Brad Caleb Kane announced on Twitter that he was working on a View-Master movie for Dreamworks.
And view-master fans waited patiently..

Skip ahead to summer of 2013 & the updates finally roll in.

While Writer/Producer Bob Orci & Alex Kurtzman attempted to produce the View-Master movie from brads work it fell through. They claimed it fell apart after one screenplay draft.

Bob Orci was quoted as saying:

“The idea was that it could transport you to wherever you could see. A writer that we worked with on ‘Fringe’ actually ended up doing a draft, but other things just came together instead.”

“It just didn’t come together,”

Looks like the view-master movie will never be. Maybe that's for the best?

 Source: Craveonline


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