Play Famicom Games on the NES

Want to Play Japanese Nintendo games?

The Famicom (NES in Japan) had a larger library of games than the US Nintendo. With the right 60 to 72 pin converter you can play these games with a standard US/Euro console!
Nintendo never officially sold convertors but they can be found inside certain NES cartridges.


How to Find your own adapter:
Searching for these Game titles is a good starting point:
Clu Clu Land
Donkey Kong Jr.
Duck Hunt
Elevator Action
Hogan’s Alley
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Raid on Bungeling Bay
Stack Up (all have convertors)
Urban Champion
Wizards and Warriors
Wrecking Crew

Next Search for the "5 screws" Back Variation:

Identified by the back cover or the lack of Clips on the top facing label.

Another way to identify hidden converters is by the weight of the cartridge. A true convertor cart will weight a few ounces more then the standard version. If you are lucky your cart will look like the one below when opened.

Hidden Famicom Converter

Famicom Converter Separated
The internal Famicom chip can be removed and set aside.  Any standard Famicom Cartridge will fit onto the black adapter. Some have reported needing to sand edges of the black plastic before the games would properly fit.

The version shown below will work with any second generation Top Loading NES.

Plays in NES Top Loader

Cartridge shell modifications are needed for the classic front loading NES. Otherwise the convertor will get stuck inside the console. Use the illustration below as a guide.

Trimmed NES cart with Cloth pull ribbon attached.

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