Famicom Nintendo AV Composite + LED + Longer Controller Cord Upgrade!

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The Famicom (Family Computer) was Nintendo's first home gaming console. By 1984 this was the best selling gaming system in Japan. This success paved the way for the American NES and forever changed gaming history. The Famicom boasted a larger game library, better audio capabilities and a unique design.  If you own one chances are it needs a major tune-up. Release Date: July 15th, 1983 Original Price: ¥14,800 ($186) Official Games Released: 1,055 (more than NES)

Why Upgrade?
The Famicom was a great console but lacked quality video & sound. Plus RF connection from Japan may not work on all American TVs.  With this AV upgrade all Modern TVs and NTSC international users will be able to enjoy 8bit gaming.   The video and Sound is crisp and clean. A custom power LED will also be installed!  

Update: Now I will offer optional longer controller cables of 6ft. The original famicom had short 3' cables. Pics coming soon!

Original RF Port Replaced with 3.5mm Stereo Composite Video
 Clean Factory Look.
 Custom Power LED Light


  1. This is awesome! Do we send you a famicom to mod, or do we buy one from you?


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