Exhibit to Highlight 30 Years of NES

A New York museum 'The Strong' is planning an exhibit for the NES.  

Playing with Power: 30 Years of the Nintendo Entertainment System will make its debut this fall, and will showcase interviews with the hardware’s developer: Masayuki Uemura. The Strong’s official press release describes the upcoming exhibit:

The exhibit will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The NES, adapted from the Famicom system that was released in Japan in 1983, revived the faltering American video game industry and introduced unforgettable characters like Mario, Link, and Samus. The NES/Famicom went on to sell more than 61 million units.

The exhibit will explore the history of the console’s development and introduction, showcase artifacts from The Strong’s world-renowned collections, feature never-before-seen interviews with the NES hardware developer Masayuki Uemura, and include playable games, such as Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.

“Japan is home to a rich history of video game culture and pioneering companies such as Nintendo and Sony. This partnership allows for a cross-cultural exchange of ideas about how best to chronicle and conserve this important history,” stated John-Paul C. Dayson from The Strong.

In addition, The Strong and the Ritsumeikan University will share research projects, while staff from both organizations may trade places as part of an exchange program."

The 8-bit NES(Famicom) was released in 1983 in Japan as the Nintendo Family Computer and 1985 in U.S. and the following year in Europe.


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