Rare WideBoy64 Adapter - A look Inside

Developed by Intelligent Systems, the Wide-Boy64 is much like the Super Gameboy device for SNES. This adapter will allow Gameboy, Gameboy Color & Gameboy Advance games to play on the N64.

Unfortunately this device was not available at your local Toy R Us store in 1996. Nintendo had strict policies and only offered this to a software licensee.  The Wideboy had a asking price of $1400. You could have purchased x2 Neo Geo consoles for that price!

Two major versions of Wide-Boy64 were released.
WideBoy CGB: Game Boy and Game Boy Color games
Wideboy AGB: (as shown here) Has additional Game Boy Advance support.
The IDE connector allows a direct connection via a modified GBA handheld.  Games could be controlled via the GBA handheld or a N64 controller.

The WideBoy64 was used during the Pok√©mon League Summer Training Tour in 1999.  Also the Canadian children's game show "Video & Arcade Top 10" used the Wide-Boy64  so contestants could play Game Boy titles.

Example Screen Shot

How did we obtain this super rare item?
This device came in for a tuneup/repair job.   It needed a full capacitor replacement and general checkup.  Several of the caps had drifted out of spec and one was leaking!  I wanted to document the inner workings of this device before it shipped back..

Here's a look Inside the WideBoy Unit. You can see the CPU AGB Arm processor chip at the top left.

2016 auction prices are $600-$1000 depending on the condition and if the handheld controller is included.