EON GCHD Mk-II Announced!

EON Continues to Lead the Way in HD Retro Gaming With GCHD Mk-II
After the overwhelming success of its flagship product, the GCHD, EON is thrilled to announce
its next product designed to take high definition retro gaming to the next level.
In December 2018, EON will launch the GCHD Mk-II.
The GCHD Mk-II represents an exciting collaboration between EON and acclaimed retro gaming
modder Dan Kunz to deliver the most comprehensive suite of features in a GameCube HD

The GCHD Mk-II will be outfitted with the following: 
·  Standard HDMI out, delivering native 480p
·  Additional Wii Component/SCART port supporting additional video options
·  Dual video display
·  3.5 mm stereo audio out/MiniTOSLINK
·  Updated custom GCVideo firmware
·  A redesigned plug made from ballistic nylon for a snug-and-secure fit
·  3 new colors (Indigo, Black, and Platinum)

In an effort to maintain the highest level of quality and value to its customers, GCHD Mk-II will
sell for $149.99, the same price point of its predecessor.

The Smash scene quickly realized the value of the device to enable competitive play on lagless
HD monitors, virtually rendering CRT TVs obsolete. This success led to a partnership
with Smash’s Number 1 Player in the World, Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma, as EON’s official
Brand Ambassador, opening up high definition GameCube play to an entirely new audience.
“The EON GameCube HD Adapter remains, to this day, the only alternative to CRTs that I am
more than comfortable using,” said DeBiedma. “Having a consistent, clean, and lagless display
on modern monitors is essential to fair tournament play and provides the essential competitive
experience that many people desire. This is what will help Melee live on in the future, and it
should be adopted as the new standard by all tournament organizers. The same monitors
you’re using for Smash Ultimate can now be used for Melee.”

EON’s ongoing relationship with the esports community propelled the GCHD into the Melee
Major scene, earning invitations to Shine and Heir 5 in London. EON also continues to support
local tournament scenes and enthusiast events around the world, including a massive showcase
of over 40 setups at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and similar showcases at Classic Games
Fest in Austin, TX, PAX East in Boston, MA, and the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo in New York.


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