Rare NWC Cart #302 Discovered!

The discovery of the NWC 1990 cart in a grocery bag comes just a week after a man from Reno, Nevada discovered a sealed copy of Kid Icarus for the NES while cleaning out his attic. The game was sold in an auction for $9,000.

The NWC cartridge is a lucrative collector’s item with less than 200 copies worldwide.

Pink Gorilla co-owner Cody Spencer said that a man in his mid-30s walked into one of the company’s branches with “a Safeway bag full of the most boring NES games you can imagine.”
Most game shops receive common sub $50 games for trade-in.  Spencer said  "At the bottom... that's it. It's the last one I pull out of the bag!" 

After doing his due diligence to confirm the seller's identity, Spencer made an offer on par with other recent gray-cartridge sales: a $13,000 check on the spot.

Pink Gorilla later sold the NWC cart to an Anonymous buyer.


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