Multiport PCB Questions.


 PCB Evolution HASL > ENIG> Hard Gold. 

Q: What is Hard Gold? My old multiport works just fine.
A: Many of the original Multiport PCBs are HASL (silver in appearance).  HASL has been phased out and replaced with Hard Gold. The New Hard Gold PCB has superior conductivity, wear & oxidation resistance

Q: I want Hard Gold. What's the solution?
A: I can ship out a Hard Gold upgrade PCB to past customers. Or you can ship your console here for a PCB upgrade. Simple fix.  Note: This fix is for RGB Multiports not for MiniDin ports that were frequently installed.

Q: I purchased my multi-port from the Asseblergames Marketplace or eBay etc. It was not purchased from RetroFixes. Is it Hard Gold?
A: Highly doubtful. RetroFixes is not the original retailer nor designer. Contact me if you need a gold replacement. I'm here to help.

Q: When did the improved PCBs hit the market?
A:  RetroFixes became a multiport reseller in late 2016. I wanted to keep the Multiport project alive and support talented designers (BuffaloWing & Helder) Helder produced the PCBs until his retirement in 2016. Since my involvement I have attempted to make improvements with each reprint. The PCB Evolution:  HASL > ENIG> Hard Gold.