UltraHDMI April 2018 PreOrders:

3/26/18: PreOrders are open.

4/3/18    PreOrders will be closing very soon! 

4/5/18    PreOrders closed

4/25/18   Waiting on update from Marshall.

4/30/18  Kits are near completion.

5/10/18  UltraHDMI Kits have arrived.

5/16/18  Will start processing orders soon. Please ship your N64 to RetroFixes.

6/9/18   Thank you for your patience. Orders are currently processing. Things should be wrapping-up at the end on July. 

6/20/18  It's busy here! Orders are processing. 

7/18/18 Orders are processing. Hoping to have them all completed over the next few weeks.

8/10/18 We hit a few delays. We are still processing orders. Thank you for your patience!

8/24/18. RetroFixes is up and running again!  Large storms hit our area and knocked-out power and internet connection.  We spend nearly 2 weeks without reliable internet.  These has caused major delays :(

8/30/18 Currently processing orders in the #4040 range. Moving to #4050 very soon.

9/19/18 Stupid Hurricane will not defeat us.  Many orders have shipped out.  Only 6 UltraHDMI orders remain in the shop.  I expect all of these to be completed by end of Sept.

9/27/18  All consoles are completed!!!  You will receive a shipping notification soon.