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Commodore C64 / 64C JailBar Eliminator LumaFix64 Kit

Commodore C64 / 64C JailBar Eliminator LumaFix64 Kit

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This fully assembled kit is essentially plug and play in most Commodore  computers.

Enjoy a C64 image with less stripes.

LumaFix64 was made to easily remove vertical lines from your Commodore 64 image caused by signals also in the VIC-II video chip. It also has an adjustment for the Chroma signal that can help reduce problems related mostly to s-video connection on modern TVs - the dreaded checkered pattern. LumaFix64 helps getting rid of the problem by inverting the interfering signals and feeding it back into the Luma signal.

A small number of C64 motherboards may not have socketed VIC-II chips, in which case you will require some soldering skills to fit the upgrade (or you can contact us to arrange a fitting). A small number of ‘long motherboard’ C64C machines may also be incompatible due to a lack of space, but most C64s should be fine. Note that the Commodore 128 is NOT compatible with the LumaFix.

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