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My Life In Gaming:
RetroFixes SNES RGB upgraded console was featured in this video. Our SNES was rated very high in terms of video quality and removing video imperfections. Watch the full video below, highlights start at the 7:35 mark.


Intellivision Customer Install Video


Unboxing Video of NES-101 & SNES Jr Consoles 


Video Mod Comparisons


SNES RGB Kit Customer Install Videos


Nintendo 64 RGB Kit Customer Install

Dear RetroFixes:
Finally arriving home, what do I find?  My NES-101 (albeit so clean as to be barely recognizable) and WOW the colors and audio just jump across the room now.  I feel I hardly knew Crystalis or Kirby or Icarus before, and RF lines suddenly seem like acne: no idea why I ever put up with it.  For gamers who honestly believe retro titles are better, you can't put a price on this, but reading the site I can see that you do so for all the right reasons!  Thank you, thank you.Best,Ryan -NES Toploader RCA Composite Upgrade

Words fail me when it comes to describing the quality of not only the mod done to my beloved N64, but also the experience I had in dealing with this vendor. Speedy and thorough responses, quality installation and refurbishments, and to top it all off one of the quickest turnaround times I have ever seen when it comes to any type of mod or request. Retrofixes truly made my console shine both inside and out, and the quality speaks for itself. Buyers of any kind, order with confidence! -N64 HDMI + RGB + LogoBacklight

retrofixes n64 hdmi rgb mod upgrade

Rob Anderson (Nintendo of America Employee)
The Famicom is just beautiful, worked perfectly for the Holiday Showcase. Everyone was amazed at how gorgeous the screen was compared to its NES counterpart right next to it. -Famicom Repair and Restoration project.

 Restored Famicom

Amazing Gift Package from Rob! Thank You!!!!!

 ColecoVision Kit Customer Install Video


André Silva / Greetings from Brazil!   
I received this month my SNES mini modded with RGB + S Video on AV MULTI OUT and the led on power switch. Just beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! Finally I can hook my console with the best image connection, and the discrete and very well installed led is a lovely aesthetic charm. All working flawlessly! Thank you so much! And all the communication with Mr. Almond was very objective, quick and cordially, always kind and professional. He is a very trusted person! -SNES Mini with RGB and Svideo upgrade.


 Magnavox Odyssey 2 Composite Upgrade


Elmar in the Netherlands, 
Customer ordered a Atari Composite upgrade kit for his PAL console.  He made a great video of installation and video quality before & After. Check it out! Do not use this as an install guide for NTSC USA consoles!!



Kees in Netherlands,
Got the N64! Everything looks amazing and the cable's perfect (it was plug and play with my setup!) Thanks a ton man, I'm really impressed with all of this! -N64 RGB Console Bundle with Luma JP21 cable

François in Canada,
I just received my RGB-modded SNES mini and AV Famicom and am just blown away by the image quality. I'm never going back to composite again. Should I run into anyone looking for a retro console modding service, I'll redirect them to you. Thanks a million! -SNES & NES RGB Upgrades

Daniel Ladiano,

I was impressed with how clean the NES mode was, and all the palettes and tweaks I asked for worked amazingly, as well as making my Saturn as new as it was in 1995. Would definitely come back for future business! -NESRGB Upgrade + Sega Saturn full Restoration

My N64 RGB mod works perfectly as described. The console itself came back in the same condition as when I shipped it, even better. Awesome work, thank you! :P N64 RGB Upgraded Console.


David, Indianapolis IN 

Dear RetroFixes,Thank you again so much!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!! The audio and picture is fantastic. ...I'm playing GUN NAC right now......soooooooo much fun! I will definitely be doing business again.-Nintendo Top Loader w/ Composite AV Video Upgrade NES-101 Console Mod

Evan , Erlanger KYI finally got my hands on the necessary cables and hooked up your SNES mini RGB to my XRGB mini. It looks fabulous. I honestly can't believe what I'm seeing. I need to fiddle with the XRGB palette control a tiny bit I think but the sharpness and clarity, my god. Really impressive work. Thanks so much!!!!!! I'm really happy with my purchase. Cheers SNES RGB Upgraded Console.


Evans Review of My SNES RGB Console.


John, New Jersey It came today. I LOVE IT! An amazing job and I could never imagine that Atari looking any better than I bought it. It's factory fresh practically. But, everything is amazing. I already recommended your work in several groups I frequent. Might want to stock up on Atari mod parts as I'm sure you'll get a few more headed your way. Thank you so much and whenever I need mods, you're my guy! - Atari 2600 Console AV Video Upgrade Service 

 Clay, Phoenix AZ My systems were beautifully modded, and now look better than ever. I was kept informed every step of the way with pictures and status updates. If you need RGB mods, you can't go wrong with retrofixes!  NES-101 & N64 Full RGB Mod

Christian, Fort Mill, SC I just wanted to say I love the NES, I can't believe the picture difference. I was using an original model NES and using AV but the picture was dark and there were waves going at times. This picture is vibrant and there are no more waves going through the picture. I couldn't be happier! Thanks!! NES_101 Console AV Video Upgrade Service

Jeppe, Big Up from Denmark! Hi everybody, I just want to give Retro Fixes my strongest recommendation. A service standard as high as his is rarely found anywhere else on the internet. The console I ordered was in pristine condition and it proved to be no problem at all for this guy to meet the custom requests I that had for it. Atari 2600 with Svideo Mod

Marko, North Karelia, Finland Hey, just letting you know that my adapter arrived and works perfectly. Great transaction, thanks a lot! NES/Famicom 72 to 60 pin adapter

Juan, California Got the Atari back on Saturday.Thanks for the speedy shipping. The system mod works and looks wonderful.Thanks so much for the cleaning as well. I will highly recommend you to my friends and anyone else. CHEERS! Atari 2600 Console AV Video Upgrade Service Installation

Paul, New Jersey Works great, unbelievable like new condition for something 20+ years old! Thanks!   Restored TurboGrafx 16 Console

Anita, NE
Another Excellent mod....Fast turnaround!! Excellent Work, Flawless Mod..will deffinately buy more from this seller! Nintendo NES-101 Top Loader / Composite AV Mod & LED Installation  

David, Seattle WA Mod works great, got here fast, very satisfied. A+    Nintendo Top Loader NES-101 Composite AV RCA & LED Upgrade Kit

Mike, Surprise AZ Awesome item, great price, speedy shipping, repeat customer to this A+++ seller! Nintendo Famicom Disk System

Christian, NH Thanks!! Really responsive and helpful. Great seller!!!! Would buy from again!  Famicom Nintendo NES Console System Restored

Rich, Saint Louis MO A/V Kit works great. great Instructions too. Shipped fast.. Thanks!!   Nintendo Top Loader NES-101 Composite AV RCA & LED Mod KIT