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Super Nintendo SNES Power Port Repair

Super Nintendo SNES Power Port Repair

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The original SNES is has a very common flaw.  Brittle power ports!  This service will replace the broken power port with a new rear power panel. Additional refurbishment options can be included with this service. Read below for more information.

Note: The listing is for working SNES consoles. Not for "blank screen" or other major  audio/video problems.

Standard Service:
  • Replace broken power port on SNES console. Broken power input jacks is very common. Full rear replacement panels will be installed. (This service is not for the snes mini / jr) 
  • Game slot & ports cleaned. 
  • Motherboard checked for issues via SNES testing software and other methods. All ports and switches are cleaned.
  • Clean the Console Shell. Can remove most marks and stains. This will not remove heavy sun faded yellowing.
  • (Optional) Region fix: Upgrades the SNES to play Super Famicom games from Japan.

Deluxe Service:

  • NEW Replacement Shell!

  • Brand New High Quality SNES Replacement Shell will be installed in addition to the snes repair/upgrade service.


Warning:  Heavily yellowed SNES consoles are very brittle.  The chances of breakage during transit or during servicing is very high.  Please keep this in mind when shipping a deep yellow SNES console here.  Shell swapping may be a smarter option.

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