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SNES Mini RGB Upgrade Service

SNES Mini RGB Upgrade Service

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Why Upgrade?

The SNES Super Nintendo RGB upgrade will provide the best possible analog picture. The RGB or Svideo upgrade will not change the outer appearance of the console. 

Service Details:

The latest RetroFixes THS7374 RGB amp will be installed.  Your consoles will be refurbished, inspected and setup for optimal performance. 

Standard RGB Services:  Our custom THS7374 RGB amp is installed. Plus the c11 fix is performed.

Deluxe RGB Service: Console will output RGB, Svideo and have the C11 fix performed.  The Console shell will be carefully cleaned and restored. Most signs of dirt, scuffs can be removed.

We also offer a Power LED &  NTSC-J Region Upgrade.  Include your LED and Region upgrade request in the order notes. I offer many LED colors.  These features will only be installed if requested. 

Sync Methods: 75ohm,  TTL or Luma output sync available. Let us know with you prefer.  TTL is the most common request and compatible with most scart cables. 

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Customer Reviews

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The mod works great! Picture quality is fantastic! Good communication by RetroFixes during the install process.