Connect a Famicom to American Televisions

Wanna play Famicom?

Japan Channels 1-2 are not the same as USA channels 1-2.

Channel frequency divisions in the USA are a little different and we need to fool our American Television.

Do not use the original Famicom RF cable that comes with the console.

Instead replace it with a common gray box American Nintendo RF cable. The NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube RF is also compatible.

On the back of the Famicom Select "Game" and select Channel 1

Tune your Television to 95 and it should work.
If you have any difficulty select Channel 2 on the famicom and tune the to channel 96.

Channel & Mode Switch

OK Lets recap

  • Don't Use the original famicom RF cable
  • Replace it with a standard American version (standard gray box NES)
  • The rear of the famicom has channel 1 or channel 2 output
  • Channel 1 = American 95
  • Channel 2 = American 96

Famicoms can now be upgraded to composite video! Works on all modern HDTVs and classic CRTs.  No RF cables or weird channel settings required. I am offering this upgrade service for Famicom and many other classic consoles. More info here