Connect a Famicom to American Televisions

Wanna play Famicom?

Japan Channels 1-2 are not the same as USA channels 1-2.

Channel frequency divisions in the USA are a little different and we need to fool our American Television.

Do not use the original Famicom RF cable that comes with the console.

Instead replace it with a common gray box American Nintendo RF cable. The NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube RF is also compatible.

On the back of the Famicom Select "Game" and select Channel 1

Tune your Television to 95 and it should work.
If you have any difficulty select Channel 2 on the famicom and tune the to channel 96.

Channel & Mode Switch

OK Lets recap

  • Don't Use the original famicom RF cable
  • Replace it with a standard American version (standard gray box NES)
  • The rear of the famicom has channel 1 or channel 2 output
  • Channel 1 = American 95
  • Channel 2 = American 96

Famicoms can now be upgraded to composite video! Works on all modern HDTVs and classic CRTs.  No RF cables or weird channel settings required. I am offering this upgrade service for Famicom and many other classic consoles. More info here


  1. What if your TV is modern and doesn't go up to channel 95 or 96? Will you need to have your Famicom modded?

    1. Upgrading to composite is the only solution. Or a new TV

    2. Set your TV to cable in channel setup then it goes up to 125

    3. Set your TV to cable in channel setup. Then it goes up to 125

    4. Some CRT's and a few HDTVs have a channel limit.

      I once owned a TV that stopped at channel 69.
      Usually the Menu settings will allow a "channel scan" and find new stations. Even when running that setting it stopped at channel 69.

      I assume there are many other TVs with this limitation.

    5. That is my dilemma. Are there any other ways around it? My son wants to keep the crt TV he has as part of his full retro theme.

    6. You could connect the TV to an old VCR that outputs on channel 2/3/4, connect the Famicom to the VCR, and set the VCR to channel 95/96.

  2. I find the picture is slightly too tall on my TV.

  3. Thank you for the help!

  4. thanks a lot man ! I thought it was broken because it didn't work on 2. Genesis 1 power supply work perfectly, do not use the nes adapter because it's still AC, the famicom needs DC.


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