Natural Polish For Aluminum & Restore a Moka Pot

Before and After!
A Moka Pot is an Italian steam-based stovetop espresso maker that produces a dark coffee almost as strong as that from a conventional espresso maker. These are most commonly used in Europe and Latin America. It has become an iconic design, displayed in modern industrial art and design museums. If you like coffee buy a Moka pot! They are affordable and fun to use.

This pot need some serious cleaning before we brew the first cup. Bare aluminum has a tendency to oxidize and mask the true beauty of vintage pieces. When cleaned and polished it shines like chrome.


Cleaning Aluminum Let's Get Started

Item Needed: 
  • Cream of Tartar
  • Dish Soap & Scrubber
  • Toothbrush
  • Polishing Cloth, simple cotton cloth

Start off by soaking the piece thoroughly in warm soapy water for 15mins. After soaking scrub away the top layer grime and coffee stains. 

Next we need to make a polishing paste. Mix Cream of tartar with small amount water, the consistency should equal that of toothpaste. Cream of tartar is a by-product of wine fermentation and can be found in the spice section of the supermarket. 


Buff the paste onto the surface of the aluminum. Aluminum is a soft metal and responds well to polishing. Use a polishing cloth, toothbrush similar item and scrub the aluminum. This may take several applications and your polishing cloth will turn black while removing the oxidation layer.


Here is a comparison of the polished surface. Note the improvement on the right side.

Depending on the condition of the aluminum it may take many applications to achieve a mirror like surface. Keep at it and replace your polishing cloth between applications.

Before and After!

After polishing rinse the item in warm water and dry.


  1. Thank you so much! Me and my old Moka pot , we LOVE you!!!! It looks brand new after I use your advice to clean it!

  2. How do you clean the inside?

  3. How do I restore the paint? It was accidentally put in the dishwasher and the colors don't look the same, please help

    1. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Big no no with a Moka pot. Always hand wash rinse and towel dry. Let fully air out before reassembly and storage.

  4. This article help me. Thank your for sharing.


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