DIY Circuit Bending Kit Works with Casio Keyboards - Speak N Spells & More

$ 24.95

We are now offering a collection of carefully picked electronic components often used in circuit bending. You are purchasing a kit very similar to the photos. Colors and exact construction of parts will change overtime. Photo is only an example if you need specific parts ask before purchasing.

These components work especially well with the Speak and Spell and many other 80s and 90s Casio Keyboards.  Much information can be found online.  No instruction are included with this kit.

Some Examples found in DIY Kit:

  • Knob, fits 1/4" shaft of included pitch potentiometer.
  • Potentiometers. 
  • on/on Toggle Switches.  Known as "Glitch Switches".
  • Pushbutton 'Normally Open' Momentary . Perfect for loop bends.
  • LEDs and resistors
  • RCA Jacks.  Can be used for audio output.
  • 3.5mm Stereo Out port.  Common size for headphones and other audio cables.

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