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Nintendo NES TuneUp & Restoration Service

Nintendo NES TuneUp & Restoration Service

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Note: This service is for working NES consoles (powers on, boots games).  Broken consoles will need repairs. Please contact us about repairs before ordering.

 Included in Basic Service:

  • Clean and check all controller, video and audio ports.
  • Clean and Adjust 72 pin connector (better game reading) If the 72pin needs replacement a new aftermarket unit will be installed.  Please note: You will eventually need a new or readjusted 72pin connector after our refurbishment.  It's a NES design flaw.  Installing a BLW device is the best solution and suggested option.
  • Region Upgrade (homebrew & famicom games will now play on your NES)
  • Clean NES shell and remove most stains.
  • LED color change if desired.


  • Please note: the original NES has a design flaw with the 72pin connector.  New 72pins will not last forever.  You will eventually need a new or readjusted 72pin connector.  Installing a BLW device is the best and suggested option. 

Before Ordering: Please visit our F.A.Q page for information on Ordering, Shipping, Delivery and other useful tips.

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