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ViewMaster Focusing Model D Restoration & Repair Service

ViewMaster Focusing Model D Restoration & Repair Service

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Complete Restoration Service for the Rare Viewmaster Focusing Model D.

Service options:

Basic:  Clean, Lube & Adjustment Service of Optics Only.

Deluxe: Full Restoration of Body + Clean, Lube & Adjustment Service of Optics


Visit this link for our current turnaround times on repairs & upgrades.

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The Model D is regarded as the best View-master ever produced. Introduced in 1955 it's the only viewer to have focusing eye-pieces and a battery powered back light. This viewer also sported 7x magnification compared to 5x of all existing models.The Bakelite build quality is superb for the Sawyers line and is held in high regard by view-master enthusiast.



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