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Classic Portable Arcades

There's something about these little Coleco hand-held arcade games that Video game enthusiasts love. Unlike other versions this model was more advanced, sporting a colored LCD display and mirror to create better visuals. Many of these vintage arcades have held-up very well over years but seldom are they clean. This tutorial covers the basics on tear-down and cleaning.


  • Original Price $60 
  • Release Date: 1983 
  • Manufacture: Coleco    
  • Today's Value $70-$150

Watch video footage of the actual gameplay, this color LCD display was advance for 1983.


 Restoration Supply List:

  • Phillips Screwdriver Medium Sized
  • 90% Rubbing Alcohol
  • Windex or similar brand
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Hi Polymer Eraser
  • Lint free cloth
  • Dawn Dish Soap or similar brand


Lets Get Started:

First Remove the 3 screws located on the right side. Note: Some models have the screws on left side.
On the bottom plate remove the six screws as shows. The four corner screws are hidden under the rubber anti-slip feet.

Separate the two halves as shown, the front faceplate will easily be removed during this step.

The left half is attached to power and speaker wires.  This is a common area for power issues, check this area for loose connections.

 If the battery contacts have built-up corrosion clean them with swabs dipped in vinegar.

Remove the top light panel, its has small clips in the right & left side. This aged plastic can be brittle, work carefully.
This is the backside of the LCD. For this tutorial I did not disassemble the screen. There are several layers of colored filters over the screen producing the color effects.

Remove all screws shown. 5 for the game controllers and 2 for the reflective mirror screen. 

Once removed clean all the crevices, mirror & lcd viewing area with Windex / lint free cloth.

Wash the pads and controllers buttons in dish soap and water. Inspect the silicon pads for splits or other damage. Mild cleaners will prolong the life of the silicone pads vs rubbing alcohol.

Clean these contact areas with a Hi-Polymer Eraser (my preferred method) or rubbing alcohol.

Once the plastic is clean and completely dry reassemble the arcade follow the steps above.


  1. Hi there great explanation!
    I have a question,
    Is there a way to get rid off the yellow discoloration of the plastic top window?
    The one that lets the light trough.

    1. Yes, look through my website. I have an article on cleaning yellowed plastics.

  2. Will this cleaning guide fix partial animation on the screen? Screen isn't broken, just part of the animation displays.

  3. Hi there! I have had this very same game since 1982 & over the years, it stopped functioning. I found your tutorial to fix it & once I cleaned the contacts, it works great again except for one small thing...
    The animation seems to be off in that the colored screen that provides the hues for the game has no effect & the animations are all black silhouettes . Im wondering if this could be due to improper screen placements or maybe a malfunction of the CPU from years of unuse? Any thoughts?
    Thansk in advance!

  4. I just found one of these cleaning out my gma house good condition im tryna sell it 816-469-6537

  5. Did you ever go through the lcd repair in another post? I believe I have mixed up the panels. Can they be put in backwards? Could you give me the order for them? Not a lot of info on these online. I have the Popeye game. Thanks!

  6. Do you have the order for the LCD lenses? I have the Popeye game and while restoring I believe I mixed them up. Black sillhouettes instead of color. Not a lot of info online about these. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!


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