NES Composite Options 3D Printed Ports & More.

Why Upgrade?
The NES Toploader was a great console but lacked quality composite video & quality sound. With this AV composite upgrade all Modern TVs and international users will be able to enjoy 8bit gaming.   The video and Sound is crisp and clean. No static, fuzz or buzz.

Main Issues with the original NES RF video:
Some modern HDTVs will not accept the aging RF video output. Overall vintage RF signals are losing the battle with modern Displays.  RF video is also low quality because it combines all video and audio signals.  

Purchasing: I offer video kits for DIY installers and  installation services here.

Installation Examples Below:
There are a variety of Ports, Jacks and even custom 3D printed port available.
Below I was show a photo of each install method.

Standard RCA Jacks installed on NES shell. Advantage:  Can use standard RCA cables. Easiest for DIY installers vs other options. Disadvantage: Holes are drilled in the case.
This is the TRRS 3.5mm jack to RCA femal cable. I also offer 6' gold plated cables with this upgrade. Advantages: No holes drilled in the case. Install looks factory and original. Disadvantage: Custom cable required but included with every install.

Up-close view of TRRS 3.5mm jack.Very Clean  and factory look. New port uses the original RF hole. This is my favorite install method and popular.
Most economical solution for customers that want to preserve the case and not drill holes.

Custom rear port made on a 3D printer. This item available if reguested (limited stock). Advantages: You can now have RCA jacks and not drill holes in the body. Clean factory look. Disadvantages: Will cost more than the standard RCA version above.  Extra $30-$40? final prices have not been determined.

Custom rear port made on a 3D printer. Fits Nintendo SNES + N64 style cables Normally reserved for RGB mods. Advantages: You can now have a Nintendo style AV port on your toploader. Clean factory look. This can output Svideo and RGB id fully modified. Disadvantages: None really. Extra $35 fee.

Other Issues worth Noting with Composite Mods:

Note: Famicoms and NES are infamous for "Jailbars" on the RF and AV video. The effect varies from consoles to consoles.  With each upgrade I will reduce the Jailbars as much as possible.  Keep in mind that most  will have this slight effect on RF or AV. Some TV's will not display the effect, others do. The only sure way to reduce this 100% is full RGB upgrade.


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