Rarest NES Game Found at Goodwill

Stadium Events, The holy grail in NES collecting. 

A woman in North Carolina spends $7.99 at Goodwill for a rare video game worth $15,000!

She later approached store owner Wilder Hamm of Save Point Video Games in Charlotte, North Carolina. This complete version, with the box and instructions, was simply worth more than Hamm was willing to offer.  The customer said she would try selling it online. She later sold this game for $17,510 on Gamegravel

"She knew exactly what she had," said Hamm, who held the cart himself. "When I asked her what she expected to get, she said she expected $7,000 to $15,000, which is on target."

Why is this Game So Rare?

Only an estimated 15 Bandai copies are known to exist today. The game was originally test marketed with 2000 copies in the northern United States by publisher Bandai. Shortly after the games were sent to stores, Nintendo bought up the North American rights to the Family Fun and Fitness pad, later repackaging and re-releasing it as the Nintendo Power Pad / World Class Track Meet. Remaining Bandai copies were recalled by Nintendo and destroyed.

Hamm did manage to photograph the rarest item ever to come through his door. "I felt honored just to hold it," he said.

"It's given people a lot of hope," Hamm said "People say that they never find anything at their Goodwill, well, the holy grail has been found there."


  1. This is far from Rarest NES game.. The Nintendo World Championships Gold Cartridge is the rarest. Only 26 were made and were handed out as prizes and not allot is known where most of them are and usually go for more than $15,000 easy. Also, it's NWC that's considered the Holy Grail of the NES games... Someone didn't do their NES homework.

  2. The true holy grail.. That's a fair debate. Many will agree to disagree. Yes the Gold Cartridge NWC is rare, rare, rare and expensive.

    True production numbers are hearsay, honestly no one knows.

    With Stadium Events NTSC only 15 (Maybe more some say 30 since I wrote this) copies are accounted for today.

    Only 2 Sealed copies exist. And 5 boxed copies (as shown here)

    Yes Gold Cartridge NWC sells for a higher amount but value does not reflect rarity.

    1. Examining those facts: Only 5 Opened Stadium versions exist with box and paperwork VS 26 copies of NWC Gold = Appears NTSC Stadium is rarer.


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