NES RGB Mods Your Options & Common Questions

Behold the Holy Grail of NES Mods! If want to know more about NESRGB installation options keep reading. I will add more information to this page as time allows.

If you have questions about RGB video quality please visit this article. NESRGB installation is currently offered for the  AV Famicom, Classic NES FrontLoader or TopLoader. Prices & Options vary for each console.

For ordering and installation visit our storepage here

NESRGB Board Features:

  • Works with the original NES processor chip. Parts are no longer taken from Playcoice 10 arcades.
  • Outputs RGB, S-video (encoded from RGB), composite video (encoded from RGB), and composite video (original from PPU). Component can be added for additional cost
  • Compatible with PAL and NTSC consoles (jumper selectable).
  • Color palette. Three palettes available, Natural, Improved, and Garish. The Natural palette has the same colors as the original composite video output. 


Frontloader Install option Examples:



Palette switch options: (changes color levels on screen)
-3 Position Color toggle switch usually placed at rear.
-No switch / Fixed Color Pallet set to normal

Video Output Connector options:
-3D printed multiout connector SNES/N64 style. Outputs Composite,  Svideo, and RGB. Made for Toploader or Frontlaoder. Uses common SNES/N64 style cables.
-Mini Din RGB Port:  Saves cost vs the multiport. The NES Mini Din SCART cable is easy to locate from "Retro Console Accessories" on Ebay or Etim in Australia.
Audio options:
-Improved Dual Mono Right and Left Channel. This selection has the best overall sound and customer satisfaction.
-Faux Stereo: NES CPU Channels are separated to left and right speaker. (I think dual mono sounds better)
-Expansion Audio can be installed to support extra audio channels found in a few Famicom games. Only order this if you have a Modified Famicom to NES game adapters or Everdrive units. We can discuss this in more detail.

Other Add-Ons & Features:
-Region Free upgrade (for frontloader NES)
-Check and adjust 72pin or "Blinking Light Win" replacement can be installed.  The BLW device will eliminate all future 72pin game reading issues.
-LED Power Light or color change for frontloaders.
-Full case cleaning and polishing. I can make most consoles look new again!
-Have a custom request? Let's discuss it.

Where to purchase the correct SCART cable:

Mini Dins:

Mini Din Cable
Mini Din ports: Great cable and this port will save you money with NESRGB installs vs the custom Nintendo style multiport. . You can buy premade cables in the USA here




MultiPort Version:

For the 3D custom multiport you can use Nintendo style cables. The multiport has the ability to output RGB, Svideo and Composite. I install this port to accept Csync or Composite video sync RGB cables.  The Best producer of SCART cables in the USA is "retro_console_accessories" visit their eBay store here.




Is your Head spinning? Need a simpler ordering method? Try this. 

Common NES TopLoader Order:
  • Power LED
  • Enhanced Dual Mono
  • Custom Multiport
  • 3 Palette switch
  • Case Cleaning and & 72 pin check & adjust
  • Motherboard testing, tuneup & refurb.

Common Famicom AV Order:

  • Power LED
  • Case Cleaning and & 72 pin check & adjust.
  • Motherboard testing, tuneup & refurb.
  • These famicom comes  with built in multiports!  RGB,Svideo, composite can be channeled the the multiport.  
  • Overall cheapest method for RGB NES vs other models

Common NES Frontloader Order:
  • Enhanced Dual Mono.
  • Multiport (outputs RGB,Svideo &Composite)
  • 3 Palette switch.
  • 72 pin check & adjust. Or "blinking Light Win" can be installed.
  • Motherboard testing, tuneup & refurb.


  1. After you do the NESRGB mod, can you just removed the RF and put the multivideo port there?


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