Expansion Plans for 2016 - Macintosh, Apple IIe, C64s & More

Many new services are on the horizon for RetroFixes.  The workshop size is increasing  Oct-Nov,  nearly 10x extra square footage. After many customer request I will now be offering services for  vintage computers. The early Apples and C64s have amazing game libraries.

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Early Macintosh & C64 restoration and repair services will be offered in early 2016. Prices will vary with complexity and capacitor count.  This includes MAC Logic Boards, PSU and Analog Board.

Quick Run Down of New Services & Parts:

  • Vintage Macintosh Keyboard, Floppy Drive and Mouse cleaning & repair services will be offered.
  • Data Recovering and Backup of Vintage Apple Hard Drives & 3.5 / 5" Floppies
  • Hard to Find Boot Disc and Diagnostic software will be offered for all Apple IIe and Macintosh 512k, Plus, SE & Classic models.
  • Restoration and capacitor replacement all various Apple IIe and Macintosh logic and Analog boards.
  • C64 Repairs will be offered.
  • Restored C64 computers will be in the Store in early 2016.
  • A line of computer repair parts will be offered.
  • An expanding line of Retro Gaming upgrade kits are in development.

Restoring the boards within the aging MACs is a great preventive maintenance measure. Failing and leaking caps can destroy motherboard traces and ICs. Replacing the caps and cleaning the boards will preserve the MAC for future generations.

Most Customers will be able to remove the boards and ship them here. Otherwise shipping rates are much higher for 20lb Macs vs 1lb motherboard. Removal guides are available on YouTube and many other sites. 

 Old capacitors will be removed and solder pads will be fully cleaned. Board will be checked for capacitor leakage and cleaned.  Anti corrosion solution will be added to ports, jacks and slots.

Video (not mine) demonstrating early MAC games.


















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